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29 Apr '13

Go Outside · Digital Prison

Go Outside, a Brazilian publication, released this powerful image driven campaign for a recent issue of their magazine. Go Outside features stories covering recreational, extreme, and performance based outdoor activities. In the ads an iPhone, computer mouse, and clock are skillfully transformed into lifelike prisons and represent the obsessive attachment we have to our modern day…

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25 Apr '13

Guitar Player Magazine · Good Music

Leo Burnett makes two cool ads for Guitar Player Magazine. The ad reads “Nothing goes right when music goes wrong.” with two graphs displaying some interesting information. The data has no direct relation but if you love good music these ads make perfect sense. Aside from one minor typo we approve of these ads. Nicely…

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24 Apr '13

Old Spice · Soap Ads

Following the recent trend of 80’s themed adverts, Old Spice launches a retro campaign for their new bar soaps. Both spots play up on the singing narrative and super up-beat melodies traditional to late 80’s and early 90’s commercials and they execution is flawless. We’re still on the fence as to the similarities to Budweiser’s “Real Men…

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18 Apr '13

Indie Lisboa Film Festival

IndieLisboa and ad agency Leo Burnett released this hilarious campaign to promote the their film festival. The TV and print ads play on the thought that Hollywood is running out of new ideas. So skip the blockbuster and watch a indie film instead.   Client: Indie Lisboa Agency: Leo Burnett, Lisbon, Portugal

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17 Apr '13


  Our thoughts are with those who went out to be part of the 26.2. A senseless act in such a wonderful city.

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15 Apr '13

Wyoming Department of Health · Anti Smoking Ads

Strange, shocking, funny, and awkward are a few words you could use to describe this series of anti smoking ads for Wyoming’s Department of Health. The campaign, created by Sukle Advertising & Design, features three interesting ads to promote the free counseling services offered by the Department. The three ads give an entertaining but strange insight…

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