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15 Apr '13

Maxibon · Maxiblokes

Publicis Mojo launched this cool integrated campaign and promotion for Peter’s snack brand Maxibon. While the campaign is running, a daily draw will grant five lucky winners their very own personalized Maxibloke action figure. Using the latest 3-D printing technology each action figure will have likeness of each winner. Between the music, voice talent, vfx, and copy…

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13 Apr '13

Baygon: Revenge

Most insecticide ads communicate their product quality with super aggressive bug eliminating artwork. For Baygon Bug Spray, ad agency Zea BBDO took a different approach and used some crisp photography for Baygons new campaign. The ad reads “treat them as they treat you” with a close up of a wasp, mosquito, and ant getting a taste…

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12 Apr '13

Dove Men + Care · Slow

The crew at Ogilvy & Mather poke fun at women’s shampoo commercials in this ad for Dove’s Men + Care shampoo. With strong emphasis on the cliche slow motion, gliding effect you see in most women’s shampoo commercials, you’ll notice every twist, turn, and nod is over embellished but that’s perfect for this ad. Client: Dove’s…

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05 Apr '13

Cuprinol · Whimpering Garden

Good concept, excellent execution, but it’s weird for the sake of being weird. It’s creatively interesting, but slightly misses on the payoff. Client: Cuprinol Agency: 18 Feet & Rising, UK

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03 Apr '13

Xtra Space Storage · Clever Business Cards

Business cards? Really? Yeah, we kind of hate that they still exist, but it’s still a great way to give a strong first impression and stand out a bit. So, when Xtra Space asked ad agency Y&R to develop their business cards, they came up with a clever design to make their business card stand…

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