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31 May '13

When Accidents Go Viral · Windows Training Camp Ads

In a new series of ads for Windows 8 bizarre and interesting competitions take place to portray the the benefits of the new operating system. Originally intended for Asian markets these ads were a hit everywhere after being posted on the main Microsoft Youtube page by mistake. These ads are the kind of weird we…

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30 May '13

Bad Choices · What Not to Wear TV Show

To promote the television show What Not to Wear, Publicis Brazil produced this collection of print ads. Each ad reads “Bad choices draw attention watch What not to Wear” and if you didn’t notice they all feature one oversized item to play up on the copy. It’s a great idea and the concept definitely works but…

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29 May '13

Lurpak · The Cook

Lurpak, a Danish butter brand reminds us of the magic that takes place when a chef and all their tools come together. Crafted by Wieden + Kennedy this spot features stunning sequences that commands your attention from start to finish. Nice work. Client: Lurpak Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

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22 May '13

Taco Bell · Silver Dollar

In this new ad for Taco Bell an old man reflects on the nostalgia tied to the silver dollar that once saved his life. Staying true to family tradition he prepares to pass the heirloom down to his grandson when suddenly his urge for Taco Bells $1 Cravings Menu takes over. Without hesitation grandpa decides…

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21 May '13

ANAR Foundation · Only for Children

For the Spanish child advocacy group, ANAR, Agency Grey created this brilliant ad using lenticular printing to deliver two different messages based on the readers vantage point. In effort to help children who suffer from child abuse the ad looks and reads different to children or anyone under 4 foot 3 than it does to most…

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08 May '13

Evian · Baby & Me

Here’s a fun fact. In 1935 Evian was first recommended as a perfect water for babies.  Staying true to Evian heritage, agency BETC produced “Baby & Me” for Evians new Live Young campaign. After being live for a little over a week the TV spot has gained over 30 millions views and is a great…

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