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06 May '13

Nissan · Vases

Innovative car ads are an obscurity in ad world and tend to follow the same guidelines. The ingredients are the same and typically feature a shot of the vehicle as the centerpiece accompanied by some attractive copy and statistics to highlight a new feature and beef up the brand. Agency Lew’LaraTBWA of Brazil took a…

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03 May '13

Pictionary · Quick Draw Wins

The quick draw always wins in Pictionary and this clever series of ads from Ogilivy Malaysia is a winner too. It’s simple, effective, and the idea is brought to life with awesome illustrations. This series is a new installment of their award winning ads from 2011. You can see both sets in the gallery below….

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01 May '13

Charmin · Baby Got Back

Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” returns to the marketing world in this new campaign for Charmin.  It’s far from what we’d expect from the Charmin brand but it works for this campaign. The commercial starts out with a do not disturb sign over the handle of a bathroom door then cuts to 3-D bear breaking…

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