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28 Jun '13

Southern Comfort · Whatever’s Comfortable

In the second installment of Southern Comforts “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign we find our favorite beach walker has been replaced. Alternatively, we’re introduced to a fresh and equally interesting character getting his hair washed at the local beauty parlor. You could argue that the new star doesn’t have the same presence as the ace in the original but there’s something…

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27 Jun '13

Silver in the City · Not Your Average Gift Store

Based in Indianapolis, SIlver in the City is an unconventional gift store that sells jewelry, houseware, and a frequently updated array of whatnots for those hard to gift people in your life. In their new campaign from agency Young & Laramore, Silver in the City highlights a few of their interesting gifts with some laughable lines….

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24 Jun '13

Insect Repellent Brands Launch Look-alike Campaigns

Biolit and Orphea are insect repellent brands with a solid track record in the extermination industry. In separate campaigns both brands used a similar concept but execute in different ways. The Biolit ads show a mass of creepy crawlies fleeing the undeniable oblivion in the spray cans arc. While Oprheas outdoor ad features a billboard…

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21 Jun '13

McDonalds · Customers Create the Best Burgers in the World

McDonalds customers from Finland were challenged to create and name the best hamburger. After filtering through numerous entries the winners were the Hevikana, McSmokey Chili, Nams. The winning burgers and their creators were recognized with a personalized animated spot and print ad. This is a perfect example of how to crowd source creativity and get fans…

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15 Jun '13

Old Spice · Shave

Old Spice is known for their goofy, off the wall TV spots. But compared to others this one is the most bizarre we’ve seen to date. Usually their ads do a great job of mixing the weird with the humorous but this one falls short. What do you think? Client: Old Spice Agency: Wieden + Kennedy,…

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13 Jun '13

CLR: First Impressions · Impressive Results Lead to Interesting Feedback

CLR might remove calcium, lime and rust with ease there’s one thing CLR doesn’t clean. In this new spot produced by Moon Pie Media first time users are blown away by CLR’s cleaning power and that makes for some not so clean reactions. Client: CLR Agency: Moon Pie Media, Austin, USA

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