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25 Feb '14

3 Awesome Tech Companies in the Pioneer Valley

Full disclosure: we’re one of them. Check us out in yesterday’s Daily Hampshire Gazette, along with app marketers Fiksu and game designers Hit Point (of Northampton & Amherst, respectively).

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18 Feb '14

Google now knows your age, gender, and interests … and that’s a good thing?

The secret’s out about your passion for Swedish soap operas. That’s because Google Analytics has introduced advanced demographics reports, now generating statistics on visitors’ gender, age, and “interests” – which, depending on your outlook, is either Orwellian and invasive or exciting, useful, and relatively harmless. The updated Analytics features are being rolled-out quietly – users…

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13 Feb '14

Do Dads Raise Olympic Athletes?

So, there’s lots to like in Proctor & Gamble’s two-minute “Thank You Mom” Winter Olympics spot – we’re psyched that moms are getting all that love, and they most definitely deserve it. (Yay mom! Love you.) But there’s one big element missing. We’ll let you watch and see if you can spot it. Where’s the…

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10 Feb '14

Which Companies Are Winning Marketing Gold At The Olympics – And Which Are Losing Big.

The Olympics: a time of superhuman athletic prowess, inspiring global unity, and epic marketing wins – and fails. And during a particularly controversial Olympics, tread lightly, o corporate giants – lest you incur the wrath of LGBT people (& allies) everywhere. Or, in this case, don’t just tread lightly – take a freaking stand. Here are a couple…

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