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29 Apr '14

34 Graphs That Hilariously Capture Everyday Truths

We thought these, from Danish artists Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler, were pretty great.   See the rest over at Distractify.

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23 Apr '14

Why Twitter Campaigns Are … Not Always The Best Idea. #myNYPD

How the NYPD wanted their #myNYPD social media campaign to look: How it actually looked:   Oops. Guess their PR team should have seen that coming. More coverage from New York Magazine and Vice.

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17 Apr '14

Watch A Livefeed Of Every Single Instagram #Selfie, Updated Continuously.

We dare you not to get dizzy. More coverage here, here, and here.

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15 Apr '14

6 Ways Marketers Are Jumping on the Game of Thrones Brandwagon.

1. Jumping on the Game of Thrones #Brandwagon.  Here’s a look at how brands have been leveraging Game of Thrones in conjunction with this weekend’s Season 4 opener. 2. “Game of Social Thrones.” As fans of the show, we thought this mapping by social media dashboard service HootSuite was just too good. 3. Houses Imagined as Brands. I think the LogicTrail team…

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08 Apr '14

7 Things We Like & Don’t Like This Week in Strategic Marketing/Creative

And now, this week’s edition of 7 Things We Like and Don’t Like, featuring a heavy dose of fonts – and at least one mandatory Game of Thrones reference. 1. Font Men. The new documentary featuring font-creators and (former) collaborators Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones . 2. The Arrival of Ryman Eco – “the world’s most beautiful sustainable…

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03 Apr '14

Client Feature: The Alvah Stone

We are very excited to announce the opening of The Alvah Stone, a new restaurant venture from one of our clients. Housed in the historic Montague Mill building, The Alvah Stone offers authentic American food and drink in an atmosphere that’s both casual and modern. Creative, ingredient-focused food and a full bar serving regional craft…

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