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And now, this week’s edition of 7 Things We Like and Don’t Like, featuring a heavy dose of fonts – and at least one mandatory Game of Thrones reference.

1. Font Men. The new documentary featuring font-creators and (former) collaborators Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones .

2. The Arrival of Ryman Eco – “the world’s most beautiful sustainable font“. We’re not TOTALLY convinced, but, still.

3. The Arrival of Comic Neue? While we’re on fonts … also not sure how we feel about Designer Craig Rozynski’s attempt to revive Comic Sans. Who neue Comic Sans could be this cool? (Sorry.)

4. “Game of Social Thrones.” As fans of the show, this mapping by social media dashboard service HootSuite is just too good.

5. The Shorty Awards were last night.

6. Potholes in Northampton. We do not like these.

7. Jumping on the Game of Thrones #Brandwagon. Okay, we just couldn’t resist one more Game of Thrones reference. Here’s a look at how brands have been leveraging Game of Thrones in conjunction with this weekend’s Season 4 opener.