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Marketing commentary for better. Or worse.

1. Jumping on the Game of Thrones #Brandwagon.  Here’s a look at how brands have been leveraging Game of Thrones in conjunction with this weekend’s Season 4 opener.

2. “Game of Social Thrones.” As fans of the show, we thought this mapping by social media dashboard service HootSuite was just too good.

3. Houses Imagined as Brands. I think the LogicTrail team could have done better, but, still — this is pretty cool.

4. Episode 1 of Season 4, imagined as taking place entirely on Facebook. Arya Stark has “poked” Polliver. See the whole episode as one long FB thread exchange, from start to finish.

5. “All Cookies Must Dunk.” File this Vine from Oreo under ‘shameless’.

6. Game of Phonesa card game you play with your smartphone (which, as far as I can tell, has nothing to do with the HBO show, other than the rhyme. Again, shameless.). Here’s a link to their kickstarter.