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24 Jun '14

Logo Redesign Review: Penguin Random House

Things we like: Less is more. Faced with the daunting challenge of merging these two major brand marks, it would have been easy to overthink this — or overdesign it. Going with a simple wordmark allowed them to retain certain aspects of brand equity — name, colors — without muddling the matter. Just think — it could…

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10 Jun '14

Rebrand Review: Hootsuite, Penguin Random House, McDonald’s

High level rebranding work is some of our bread and butter. We’re immersed in that process daily, with a number of clients — so we like to keep track of what else is going on in the industry. From visual to messaging, market analysis to creative — who’s doing what? And where’s the really great work? Here…

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05 Jun '14

Everdream Hits This Immigrant Heritage Month Spot Just Right.

We wanted to share this brilliant 90 second spot, from‘s campaign to kick off the inaugural Immigrant Heritage Month. (How did we not have one of these already?) Awesome, simple concept; great writing; perfect execution. Kudos to the EVERDREAM, the digital studio behind it. Small agencies for the win. More from Fast Company here.

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