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We’ve made our fair share of forays into the world of craft brewing — including collaborations with Surly and current main squeeze Berkshire Brewing (stay tuned for an upcoming rebrand) — but this one even blew us away a little bit.

Introducing the 99-pack, from Texas-based brewer Austin Beerworks. 99 beers, 99 bucks. One very long package.

While it may be a pain in the ass to carry, we love this from a brand-awareness perspective. How often do you get to do packaging design like this? Or have a client who is bold enough to lead with it?

Kudos to the folks down in Austin.

More from their landing page:

It’s not only real, it’s an amazing deal: ninety-nine beers for $99. That’s 82 pounds of craft beer! Over seven feet of crisp, flavorful Peacemaker!

Here’s the catch: we’re only releasing a limited number of these beautiful beasts. So like the Chupacabra they’re gonna be tricky to nab. Follow us online to see what stores are stocked up with 99-packs. And make sure you tag your Anytimes with#AnytimeAle. Good luck and remember, lift with your legs, not your back. In fact, why don’t you bring a friend.