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23 Oct '14

The Weird, Icky Gender Messaging of Whole Foods’ New Ad Campaign

Earlier today we linked to a great summary of some of the shortcoming’s of Whole Foods’ aesthetically gorgeous new marketing campaign — namely that it still makes them look expensive and pretentious, two things they should probably at this point be trying to avoid. Well, we missed something: the stunningly off gender messaging of some of…

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23 Oct '14

Strategy Review: Whole Foods’ Bold, Beautiful, Message-Shaky Leap into Big Money Marketing

We loved this review of Whole Foods’ first big agency-backed marketing campaign, written by the organic food giant’s 90’s-era head of marketing Joe Dobrow. Dobrow absolutely nails some of the campaign’s potential strategic pitfalls: slick cinematography that makes them come off as expensive; “Values Matter” as an out-of-date message that misses an opportunity to talk…

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16 Oct '14

Awesome Ideas, Small Agencies

Today we’re sending out some small agency love to 11-person Parallax, who have instituted an absolutely brilliant policy: a $1500 travel budget for all employees. Say what? The rules: You have to go somewhere you’ve never been. You have to go between September and December. It has to “push your comfort zone.” And yes, that…

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