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02 Jun '15

The Top 10 Flag Designs in the World. (Or, at least, according to our designers.)

A few weeks ago, I asked our designers to put together a list of their favorite world flags. This is the combined super-ranking: LogicTrail’s highly authoritative “Top 10 Flag Designs in the World.” (Please, don’t go starting any wars over it.)   Honorable Mention: Naury (pictured below), Canary Islands, S. Vietnam, Zambia, Libya, Jamaica   10. Sweden Great color;…

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loading animations
20 May '15

These Custom CSS Loading Animations Are The Most Fun.

Love these playful CSS loading animations from San Francisco-based developer Connor Atherton. (Anything besides the SPINNING BEACHBALL OF DEATH.)

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14 Apr '15

Google Search Rankings Are Changing. Here’s What You Need To Know.

Google is changing its search rankings again. And you’re going to want to have a handle on this one. This time, it’s all about mobile. Google has been hinting for years that they prefer Responsive Design and mobile-friendly design practices more generally. But they’ve also been assuring folks that they wouldn’t be bringing down the hammer on…

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07 Jan '15

Scroll, Baby, Scroll

Whenever we’re creating a website that asks for some degree of scrolling from the user, clients usually have a number of common concerns. How much of the content will users actually see? How much will they interact with? While conventional wisdom has long held that you want as much of your (important) content as possible “above…

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material design
18 Dec '14

What does 2015 hold for Web Design?

As we fast approach 2015, our designers here at the Trail are buzzing about what trends we’ll see in the new year. Flat design or skeuomorphism — or material? How do we want our buttons? Will anyone survive with non-responsive design? Check out this post from Elegant Themes. What do you think?

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99 pack
27 Aug '14

Adventures in Packaging Design: “The 99 Pack”

We’ve made our fair share of forays into the world of craft brewing — including collaborations with Surly and current main squeeze Berkshire Brewing (stay tuned for an upcoming rebrand) — but this one even blew us away a little bit. Introducing the 99-pack, from Texas-based brewer Austin Beerworks. 99 beers, 99 bucks. One very long…

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