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29 Apr '14

34 Graphs That Hilariously Capture Everyday Truths

We thought these, from Danish artists Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler, were pretty great.   See the rest over at Distractify.

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27 Mar '14

Check Out This Hilarious, Deliciously Accurate Skewering Of Brand Videos.

We present you with Generic Brand Video, produced by stock video footage provider Dissolve. Read Kendra Eash’s McSweeney’s piece, the original inspiration for the video, and more coverage from Adweek.

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13 Mar '14

Viral Watch: President Obama Goes Between Two Ferns (Or, Did We Just See the Pinnacle of Branded Entertainment?)

President Barack Obama has finally hit the big time. No, just kidding. He was already pretty big. But — if you’re not familiar with Between Two Ferns — the mock talk-show hosted by comedian Zach Galifianakis — go watch a few episodes. (Now.) Then get ready to have your mind blown by who shows up…

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15 Jan '14

Viral Watch: Obama Does Gaga.

Okay, this one’s pretty good. Supporting the #getcovered campaign for the Affordable Care Act. Not bad, Barack. Not bad.

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12 Aug '13

Dove Camera Shy

After the success of their award winning Real Beauty Sketches ad, Dove follows up with the release of Camera Shy. In this sixty-second video they explore the tendency of shying away that some women display when approached by camera. As the women continue to hide the video transitions to footage of young girls bravely facing…

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12 Jul '13

Potato Thins · Hands Free

In this new commercial for Potato Thins our star has no choice but to “Eat it Up”. Whether it’s work or play he can’t keep his hands of this delicious snack and pulls of some impressive feats in the process. Note the disclaimer at  0:07 seconds “FANTASY. Do not attempt. Ever. Thins are delicious, but…

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