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10 Mar '15

The Usable, the Shrinkable, and the (Un)Killable.

We love this graphic on how to create the right kind of content (and phase out the wrong kind). From

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03 Mar '15

Not Your Grandpa’s Social Media

We work with some brands that rely on social media heavily and some brands that prefer to have a more peripheral engagement. Across the board, there’s a dynamic that prevails: older folks trying to figure out what the younger generation’s doing. Kids these days. In that vein … we loved this review of today’s social…

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07 Jan '15

Scroll, Baby, Scroll

Whenever we’re creating a website that asks for some degree of scrolling from the user, clients usually have a number of common concerns. How much of the content will users actually see? How much will they interact with? While conventional wisdom has long held that you want as much of your (important) content as possible “above…

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31 Dec '14

Goodbye 2014!

Always a favorite here at the office. See you in 2015!

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23 Dec '14

Behold Comic Papyrus, the Worst Typeface Ever

It’s our designer’s worst nightmare. The faux calligraphy of Papyrus plus the gumdrop personality of comic sans, all rolled into one beautiful catastrophe. Merry Christmas, font snobs.

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material design
18 Dec '14

What does 2015 hold for Web Design?

As we fast approach 2015, our designers here at the Trail are buzzing about what trends we’ll see in the new year. Flat design or skeuomorphism — or material? How do we want our buttons? Will anyone survive with non-responsive design? Check out this post from Elegant Themes. What do you think?

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