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26 Jan '15

Find Your Better Anything

Introducing our 2015 LogicTrail video. We had fun with this one.

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16 Oct '14

Awesome Ideas, Small Agencies

Today we’re sending out some small agency love to 11-person Parallax, who have instituted an absolutely brilliant policy: a $1500 travel budget for all employees. Say what? The rules: You have to go somewhere you’ve never been. You have to go between September and December. It has to “push your comfort zone.” And yes, that…

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14 Aug '14

Viral Watch: The Ice Bucket Challenge

1000% spike in donations. $2.3 million total funds raised. 1 simple idea. Many lessons for marketers.

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30 Jul '14

Logo Redesign Review: Airbnb

Much has been written about Airbnb’s logo redesign — some of it positive, some of it negative, a lot of it hilarious — and while the undeniable consensus is that it looks like a certain, erm, human genitalia (wait, which one?), it’s still unclear how Airbnb as a company plans to strategically move forward. Toss it or keep it? Defend…

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05 Jun '14

Everdream Hits This Immigrant Heritage Month Spot Just Right.

We wanted to share this brilliant 90 second spot, from‘s campaign to kick off the inaugural Immigrant Heritage Month. (How did we not have one of these already?) Awesome, simple concept; great writing; perfect execution. Kudos to the EVERDREAM, the digital studio behind it. Small agencies for the win. More from Fast Company here.

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01 May '14

Rainbow Crosswalk.

Scene from downtown Northampton earlier this week. Happy Pride, everyone!  

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