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loading animations
20 May '15

These Custom CSS Loading Animations Are The Most Fun.

Love these playful CSS loading animations from San Francisco-based developer Connor Atherton. (Anything besides the SPINNING BEACHBALL OF DEATH.)

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07 Jan '15

Scroll, Baby, Scroll

Whenever we’re creating a website that asks for some degree of scrolling from the user, clients usually have a number of common concerns. How much of the content will users actually see? How much will they interact with? While conventional wisdom has long held that you want as much of your (important) content as possible “above…

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material design
18 Dec '14

What does 2015 hold for Web Design?

As we fast approach 2015, our designers here at the Trail are buzzing about what trends we’ll see in the new year. Flat design or skeuomorphism — or material? How do we want our buttons? Will anyone survive with non-responsive design? Check out this post from Elegant Themes. What do you think?

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24 Jul '14

Responsive Logo Design: Can You Recognize These Brands At All Sizes?

As folks who do a lot of responsive design and logo work – usually separately – we love this project by London-based designer Joe Harrison. Harrison imagines six major corporate logos within a responsive design framework – so, as the user’s browser window shifts, so does the logo itself. Usually responsive design just means shoving text down to…

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25 Mar '14

Have You Filled Out Your Design Madness Bracket?

Check out this inventive take on the NCAA “March Madness” Tournament Bracket, from Co.Design. Who is the world’s greatest living designer? The four regions are Architecture, Product, Interactive, and Graphic. Round 1 & 2 have already been decided (results above, according to popular vote). Who do you have in your Final Four?

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06 Mar '14

Announcing the Finalists for the 6th Annual Shorty Awards (Go Daenerys!)

We’re so glad it’s almost Shorty Awards season. The annual award event, launched in 2008 by tech entrepreneurs Sawhorse Median, honors “the best brands, agencies and professionals on social media.” Today, they announced their finalists for 2014. Categories include “Best Brand on Twitter,” “Best Use of Animated GIFs,” “Best Viral Campaign,” and “Best Use of a Hashtag,” with…

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