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08 Apr '14

7 Things We Like & Don’t Like This Week in Strategic Marketing/Creative

And now, this week’s edition of 7 Things We Like and Don’t Like, featuring a heavy dose of fonts – and at least one mandatory Game of Thrones reference. 1. Font Men. The new documentary featuring font-creators and (former) collaborators Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones . 2. The Arrival of Ryman Eco – “the world’s most beautiful sustainable…

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22 Jan '14

To Airbrush Or Not To Airbrush? Redefining “Real Beauty,” Part I

There’s been a lot of buzz in the air lately over airbrushing. After Jezebel reportedly offered $10,000 for un-retouched photos of Lena Dunham’s Vogue photo-shoot, it suddenly turned into a referendum on female beauty standards and the ethics of this kind of image editing (and marketing). Not that we haven’t been here before. But Lingerie company…

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30 Dec '13

2013 Year-End List Fever!

It’s the last Idea Blog entry for 2013, so guess what? It’s YEAR END LIST TIME. Without further ado, our list of…best year-end lists. From the marketing world. 5. Best Print Art of 2013. More art than marketing, but wholly awesome. We had fun looking at these. 4. 5 of the most innovative campaigns. From shareable…

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17 Jul '13

Your Home Clean as New · LG Vacuum Ads

This vacuum cleaner ad comes all the way from Brazil for LG and was a winner at this years Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Highlighting the cleaning power of the vacuums, the tagline reads “Your home clean as new” with the supporting image of different living spaces filled with furniture still in the moving…

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27 Jun '13

Silver in the City · Not Your Average Gift Store

Based in Indianapolis, SIlver in the City is an unconventional gift store that sells jewelry, houseware, and a frequently updated array of whatnots for those hard to gift people in your life. In their new campaign from agency Young & Laramore, Silver in the City highlights a few of their interesting gifts with some laughable lines….

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24 Jun '13

Insect Repellent Brands Launch Look-alike Campaigns

Biolit and Orphea are insect repellent brands with a solid track record in the extermination industry. In separate campaigns both brands used a similar concept but execute in different ways. The Biolit ads show a mass of creepy crawlies fleeing the undeniable oblivion in the spray cans arc. While Oprheas outdoor ad features a billboard…

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