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10 Mar '15

The Usable, the Shrinkable, and the (Un)Killable.

We love this graphic on how to create the right kind of content (and phase out the wrong kind). From

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26 Jan '15

Find Your Better Anything

Introducing our 2015 LogicTrail video. We had fun with this one.

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07 Jan '15

Scroll, Baby, Scroll

Whenever we’re creating a website that asks for some degree of scrolling from the user, clients usually have a number of common concerns. How much of the content will users actually see? How much will they interact with? While conventional wisdom has long held that you want as much of your (important) content as possible “above…

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16 Oct '14

Awesome Ideas, Small Agencies

Today we’re sending out some small agency love to 11-person Parallax, who have instituted an absolutely brilliant policy: a $1500 travel budget for all employees. Say what? The rules: You have to go somewhere you’ve never been. You have to go between September and December. It has to “push your comfort zone.” And yes, that…

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99 pack
27 Aug '14

Adventures in Packaging Design: “The 99 Pack”

We’ve made our fair share of forays into the world of craft brewing — including collaborations with Surly and current main squeeze Berkshire Brewing (stay tuned for an upcoming rebrand) — but this one even blew us away a little bit. Introducing the 99-pack, from Texas-based brewer Austin Beerworks. 99 beers, 99 bucks. One very long…

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01 May '14

Rainbow Crosswalk.

Scene from downtown Northampton earlier this week. Happy Pride, everyone!  

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