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30 Jul '14

Logo Redesign Review: Airbnb

Much has been written about Airbnb’s logo redesign — some of it positive, some of it negative, a lot of it hilarious — and while the undeniable consensus is that it looks like a certain, erm, human genitalia (wait, which one?), it’s still unclear how Airbnb as a company plans to strategically move forward. Toss it or keep it? Defend…

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24 Jul '14

Responsive Logo Design: Can You Recognize These Brands At All Sizes?

As folks who do a lot of responsive design and logo work – usually separately – we love this project by London-based designer Joe Harrison. Harrison imagines six major corporate logos within a responsive design framework – so, as the user’s browser window shifts, so does the logo itself. Usually responsive design just means shoving text down to…

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08 Jul '14

The Two-Pizza Rule: Why Small Teams Rock

As a small group, we take pride in our ability to do great work with big clients. It’s no accident. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos called it the “two pizza rule”: if a team can’t be fed by two pizzas, it’s too big. In “The Science Behind Why Small Teams Work More Productively” over at Entrepreneur Magazine, check out some of the…

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01 Jul '14

World Cup Fever Continues …

In advance of today’s game against Belgium, please enjoy this complementary patriotic graphic. Courtesy of LogicTrail design center forward MdHP. Go USA Men’s National Team!!  

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