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19 Jul '13

Strange Samsung Commercial from Iceland Pokes Fun at Apple and iPhones

This Icelandic commercial for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is quite the spectacle. While it’s not as impressive as this S4 Active commercial it’s all the more blog worthy. Set in a desolate field our hero tries to manipulate an apple; the fruit, like an iPhone and from the looks of it he is very disappointed.  Intended to point…

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17 Jul '13

Your Home Clean as New · LG Vacuum Ads

This vacuum cleaner ad comes all the way from Brazil for LG and was a winner at this years Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Highlighting the cleaning power of the vacuums, the tagline reads “Your home clean as new” with the supporting image of different living spaces filled with furniture still in the moving…

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15 Jul '13

The World’s First Branded Coffee Stain

To grab the attention of key account holders at the high profile Markant Trade Fair in Germany, European kitchen towel brand Regina, with agency OgilvyAction Düsseldorf, crafted a set of unique coffee mugs and distributed them at the trade show. Going off the idea that business deals have a higher success rate over a cup of coffee Regina…

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12 Jul '13

Potato Thins · Hands Free

In this new commercial for Potato Thins our star has no choice but to “Eat it Up”. Whether it’s work or play he can’t keep his hands of this delicious snack and pulls of some impressive feats in the process. Note the disclaimer at  0:07 seconds “FANTASY. Do not attempt. Ever. Thins are delicious, but…

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08 Jul '13

Radio Shack and Robin Thicke · #UWANTIT

In an ambitious attempt to introduce their brand to a younger market, Radio Shack rolls out this spicy ad to promote the Beats By Dre wireless speakers. Pivoting the popularity of Robin Thicks single Blurred Lines, the ad nearly reached one million views on Youtube a week after its launch. The spot is identical to…

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02 Jul '13

Leak In Open Water Leads to a Fateful Outcome

This spoof ad from the dark twisted comedy Movie 43 has been all the buzz on the internet as it was thought to be a to be a Russian Tampax commercial. Receiving a mix of reviews the ad has been labeled both tasteless  and absolute genius. Conveniently the “ad” has gone viral just in time…

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