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26 Jan '15

Find Your Better Anything

Introducing our 2015 LogicTrail video. We had fun with this one.

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27 Mar '14

Check Out This Hilarious, Deliciously Accurate Skewering Of Brand Videos.

We present you with Generic Brand Video, produced by stock video footage provider Dissolve. Read Kendra Eash’s McSweeney’s piece, the original inspiration for the video, and more coverage from Adweek.

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11 Mar '14

E.E. Cummings, meet Lorde.

Start with our logo. Add E.E. Cummings, Lorde, and some Harold and the Purple Crayon style animation awesomeness. Now presenting our latest company video: “love is more thicker than forget.” Enjoy!

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13 Feb '14

Do Dads Raise Olympic Athletes?

So, there’s lots to like in Proctor & Gamble’s two-minute “Thank You Mom” Winter Olympics spot – we’re psyched that moms are getting all that love, and they most definitely deserve it. (Yay mom! Love you.) But there’s one big element missing. We’ll let you watch and see if you can spot it. Where’s the…

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23 Jan '14

Redefining “Real Beauty,” Part II.

More on redefining beauty, from Dove. And it’s local! (The film was shot in Great Barrington, MA, and directed by Smith alum Cynthia Wade.) And then there’s this, from Hungary:

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20 Jan '14

Why Spike Jonze’s “Her” Is Actually A Movie About Marketing

So, I saw Spike Jonze’s “Her” on Wednesday, at the AMC Loews in Boston.  If you haven’t heard about the movie, it’s that one where the guy falls in love with his computer. (Actually, it’s his new operating system – the “OS1.”) And the operating system is played – or, more accurately, voiced – by Scarlett Johanssen….

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