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21 Jun '13

McDonalds · Customers Create the Best Burgers in the World

McDonalds customers from Finland were challenged to create and name the best hamburger. After filtering through numerous entries the winners were the Hevikana, McSmokey Chili, Nams. The winning burgers and their creators were recognized with a personalized animated spot and print ad. This is a perfect example of how to crowd source creativity and get fans…

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13 Jun '13

CLR: First Impressions · Impressive Results Lead to Interesting Feedback

CLR might remove calcium, lime and rust with ease there’s one thing CLR doesn’t clean. In this new spot produced by Moon Pie Media first time users are blown away by CLR’s cleaning power and that makes for some not so clean reactions. Client: CLR Agency: Moon Pie Media, Austin, USA

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01 Jun '13

Ryan Lee Chiropractic · Gentle Comfortable Professional

Rhett and Link are at it again with their latest ad for Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center. It’s goofy, entertaining, and oddly alluring. The tagline is “Gentle. Comfortable.Professional” but the looks on the patients faces along with the resounding, realistic sound effects make every twist, turn, and posture adjustment agonizing to watch. It’s also hard to interpret Mr….

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29 May '13

Lurpak · The Cook

Lurpak, a Danish butter brand reminds us of the magic that takes place when a chef and all their tools come together. Crafted by Wieden + Kennedy this spot features stunning sequences that commands your attention from start to finish. Nice work. Client: Lurpak Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

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22 May '13

Taco Bell · Silver Dollar

In this new ad for Taco Bell an old man reflects on the nostalgia tied to the silver dollar that once saved his life. Staying true to family tradition he prepares to pass the heirloom down to his grandson when suddenly his urge for Taco Bells $1 Cravings Menu takes over. Without hesitation grandpa decides…

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08 May '13

Evian · Baby & Me

Here’s a fun fact. In 1935 Evian was first recommended as a perfect water for babies.  Staying true to Evian heritage, agency BETC produced “Baby & Me” for Evians new Live Young campaign. After being live for a little over a week the TV spot has gained over 30 millions views and is a great…

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